NOAH COLLIER  (Co-Director, Cinematographer)  Noah Collier is a roaming cinematographer and director from New York City, drawn to documentary work through his studies in anthropology. He has created nonfiction work for Netflix, The Atlantic, Nowness, A&E, and Artnet, with exhibitions at the Queens Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Years of shooting short-form content led to his foray into feature-length work shooting JAWLINE (2019), directed by Liza Mandelup. The film has received the Sundance Documentary Fund grant, been supported by Cinereach, and is due to premiere at Sundance in 2019.      EMILY MACKENZIE  (Co-Director, Producer)  is a New Orleans based director and producer. She is a graduate of Bard College and the New School’s Documentary Media Studies program. MacKenzie co-wrote and edited Nina Davenport’s feature length HBO Documentary FIRST COMES LOVE (2010) and has produced and directed for Vice, MTV, Fuse, Animal Planet, and WEtv. MacKenzie’s short documentary SCAR STORY was featured on in 2016 and was viewed over eighty thousand times. She is currently completing TAPESTRIES, a feminist audio series depicting queer breast cancer narratives as an antidote to pinkwashed stories of ‘survivorship’ in the breast cancer community.